Our Values

We apply five core values that influence way we work with our customers and customer feedback

Courageous honesty

Speaking the truth is not easy and hearing it can be hard, but we will have the courage to be honest with you about what we believe is best for your business, and for your people.

Impeccability with our word

To the best of our ability we want our actions to match what we say we will deliver. In caring for your business and people we will not use our “word” to make assumptions, gossip, blame or cast judgement but rather to uplift, encourage and inspire.


We are fully committed to investing our passion and energy to make our collaboration an enjoyable journey towards accelerating the impact of your business.


Our goal is to be considered a valued partner, not a supplier. To earn this, we will be true to all of our other values, delivering them with respect and kindness.


We are guided by the principle of Kaizen: “change for the better through continuous improvement of all functions that involves all key stakeholders.”


Mainframe Systems has been established primarily to build multiple homes at the same time using our proprietary modular construction system.

We are willing to build individual one-off homes provided they fit modular construction methods. We have modular designs available for a range of settings and welcome discussion on how we might meet your housing needs.

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