Modular Designs

Suitable for rapid construction

A single module can be a stand-alone house or be connected to other modules for a larger house.

Each module is designed to be fully assembled inside a factory, then transported and connected on site.

Modules can be personalised with different interior and exterior features.

Like Lego blocks, modules can be assembled in many different configurations.

They can easily be adapted to fit local topography and available land.

Ideal for smaller land parcels and home for 1 or 2 persons
Ideal for smaller land parcels and home for 1 or 2 persons

Ideal for families and those who prefer open plan living

Ideal for tropical areas and outdoor living

Ideal for beach environment (example of recent project)

Housing system framework

  • a suite of modular designs that reduces the planning work normally required to design a house
  • a process to manage customers’ design requirements and expectations
  • designers and others who can quickly adjust modular plans as required
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Mainframe Systems has been established primarily to build multiple homes at the same time using our proprietary modular construction system.

We are willing to build individual one-off homes provided they fit modular construction methods. We have modular designs available for a range of settings and welcome discussion on how we might meet your housing needs.

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