Our Strategy

We deliver workable solutions for New Zealand housing

New Zealand urgently needs tens of thousands of affordable homes.

There are many issues that have led to the housing crisis.

Traditional construction methods are not well-suited to meet the demand for rapidly building thousands of houses.

The building industry needs time to adapt and change.

Understanding the housing problem

New Zealand is a small country with relatively few suppliers of essential building materials

New technologies, methods and materials are advancing faster than what the industry and regulators are able to keep up with.

There are challenges to introducing new materials and construction methods. These must be tested first to maintain quality and protect home owners. Only then can the relevant standards regulations be created. All this is costly and time-consuming.

These and other issues have led to an industry that is struggling to cope with the huge demand for houses.

The building industry’s inability to meet demand, leads to higher prices of materials, houses and rents.

Few organisations in New Zealand have the systems required to scale up.

Mainframe Systems is at the forefront with innovative methods and materials to rapidly produce quality, cost effective, houses.

This is a systemic problem, and it requires a systems approach to fix it.


Mainframe Systems has been established primarily to build multiple homes at the same time using our proprietary modular construction system.

We are willing to build individual one-off homes provided they fit modular construction methods. We have modular designs available for a range of settings and welcome discussion on how we might meet your housing needs.

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