Business has changed radically in the last few years, and in no field are these changes more evident than marketing.

They have been driven to a large extent by consumers, who increasingly look to technology to answer questions and solve problems. Digital marketing strategies are no longer the bastion of big business – they are now critical no matter your industry or your size.

With change comes opportunity.

At Growth Partners our experienced team guides Kiwi businesses in maximising the perks and avoiding the pitfalls of this new marketing landscape. Using a suite of proprietary approaches and technologies, we clear the muddied waters of marketing and offer you a clear path forward.

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Our approach to marketing

The evolution of business and marketing presents a number of problems for SMEs.

  • The modern buyer journey is complicated: 47% of buyers view 3-5 pieces of content before talking with a sales representative. (Spotio)
  • Customer search behaviour is constantly changing: Every year 16-20% of Google searches are completely new. (Internet Live Stats)
  • Online competitive threats can arise in weeks if not days: Companies are losing market share to competitors that do a better job of digital transformation.
  • Company culture is undermined through internal friction and unhealthy competition: Sales and marketing teams fight amongst each other to claim a sale.
  • Digital is both a mystery and a money burner: Lacking the necessary knowledge, money is wasted on ineffective marketing campaigns and sales resources.
  • No clear business case or quantifiable return on investment: Unidentified online opportunities lead to indecision on how and where to invest, and a lack of clarity on expected returns.

At Growth Partners our belief is that the best way to solve these problems, and to approach marketing in general, is to first answer the fundamental questions.

These questions form the foundation upon which good marketing is built. We work to answer the following:

  • What is the extent of your online opportunity?
  • What is your online market share, and what is that of your competitors?
  • How much should you invest in marketing, and where should you invest it?

These questions and more are answered within our Digital Enablement Plan (DEP), which sees us looking at your business through a modern marketing lens. Once we gain this clarity, we can begin to solve problems and capitalise on opportunities.

Does your website consistently generate high quality leads, or is it simply an online brochure? Your website is your highest value marketing asset, and should command your biggest single marketing investment. At Growth Partners we blend science, data and creativity to turn your website from brochure to lead generation machine.

We put a focus on discoverability, aligning your website content with real customer search behaviours. Our digital enablement plan goes far beyond simple keyword research, delivering a deeper understanding of your target market. This understanding allows you to offer solutions to problems your target market may not even realise they had, something that we are experts at helping businesses do.

Our focus on discoverability also considers the search engine, ensuring your website aligns with what Google believes its users are looking for. Rather than building a website and adding content to it later, as most businesses do, we believe in building your site from the ground up based on comprehensive and in-depth research into buyer search behaviour. We consider the search terms used by your target market at each stage of the buyer journey (awareness, consideration, transaction), building a website, content and marketing materials that engage them every step of the way.

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What marketing services do we offer?

At Growth Partners we are a full stack digital consultancy.

    We provide an extensive selection of marketing services designed to solve the modern business problems created by the recent and significant changes to the buyer journey mentioned above. 

    We support these services with a comprehensive range of tools, programmes and workshops that extend your business’s knowledge, skills and capability. We also provide meaningful metrics to empower great business decisions, and ultimately to accelerate growth.

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